Phaw’s Boutique provides creative and enjoyable hair accessory options for everyone of all ages in a fun, inventive way.

We will quickly become your ‘go-to’ favourite hair ties, not only do they look adorable in your hair, but on your wrist too.  These hair ties wont damage your hair or leave painful marks on your wrist. Fashion meets function with these ties!

New Product: Lanyards & Key Fobs | PRE ORDER

I know they have nothing to do with hair accessories but whenever I was ordering ribbon for mitten clips and bows I found so many other designs. I ordered so much ribbon and then did nothing with it. ⁣

I am super excited about this product.

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Mitten Clips

Are your little ones always loosing their mittens? These are a perfect option to keep their mittens safe.

Create your own custom mitten clip set or shop our READY TO SHIP listings.

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